Solutions: Solar-Powered Desalination

A large white room contains equipment boxes on its walls.

Trees need water

Freshwater shortages slow growth and lead to high tree mortality rates. Projects that move forward without careful resource planning risk over-taxing existing freshwater supplies.

Solar-powered reverse osmosis (RO) can overcome water shortages and support forest restoration in arid regions. We're using this technology to accelerate dry tropical forest regrowth at our pilot site.

Solar power solves water shortages

Solar-powered reverse osmosis systems supply reliable freshwater to young trees. The off-grid systems operate when sunlight is available, storing water in tanks for irrigation later. This eliminates the need for expensive batteries, and keeps system costs low.

Our Site Engineering team can help project planners design economical systems suited to their location. We use industry-leading technology from solar power and RO vendors. Costs will vary depending on project size and region.

A large solar array with many rows of black solar panels sits outside under a bright blue sky.
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