Behind the forest

We're a unique mix of foresters, technology experts, and creative communicators. We're brought together by a shared commitment to solve climate change and leave behind a living planet for the next generation.


Our leaders are experts and veterans from a diversity of fields.

Yishan Wong

Founder and CEO

Engineer and climate activist. Specializes in rapid growth tech impact. Ex-engineer at PayPal, Facebook. Ex-CEO of Reddit.

Ethan Cary

VP of Product Development

Leads construction and deployment of on-site forest tech. Ex-engineer at Matterport, PayPal, eBay.

Yacin Bahi

VP of Research and Development

Passionate about clean code and healthy forests. Applied Math PhD. Executive and research scientist at security, AI, and music companies.

Margaret Morales

VP of Communications and Marketing

Writer, reader, learner, maker. Working to inspire a positive climate future.

Yee Lee

VP of Growth and Special Projects

Engineer and product designer. Ex-Facebook, Google, TaskRabbit, Skype, and PayPal. Loves trees.

Jonathan Kim

Head of Product

Makes products people love. Tech entrepreneur, storyteller, and Hawaiʻi kamaʻāina.

Aubrey Vella

Head of People

Focused on attracting, growing, and retaining amazing talent. Building and scaling a great working environment so employees can do their best work.

Christina Cervantes

Chief of Staff

Coach, project manager, engineer, and force multiplier. Ensures even our most complex projects land smoothly.

Ricky Fong

General Counsel

Manages legal risks as we build and scale. Aligns legal and business strategic objectives. Ex-fintech lawyer, startup builder, and investor.

Huey Lin

Special Projects

Gap filler, executive liaison, and ad hoc Swiss army knife, always ensuring we can tackle our toughest problems. Ex-PayPal, Affirm, and Flexport.

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