We help plant native forests to reverse climate change.

Everyone can plant a tree. We help you grow a forest.

Solving climate change
with forest restoration

Biodiverse native-species forests are the most effective, safe, and scalable carbon capture systems on Earth.

Stabilize climate

Forests absorb more than 7 billion tons of CO2 every year. We can exponentially expand this carbon sink.

Protect biodiversity

Only 15% of the world's primary forests are intact today. We're restoring habitat for species in decline.

Grow local economy

Every $1 invested in restoration creates $7 to $30 in local economic benefits. And we're just getting started.

"We don't have a lot of time... and we have a very large problem to solve. We need simple, proven solutions."

—Yishan Wong, Terraformation Founder and CEO

We need to build tree nurseries across the globe.

Modular, shippable nursery kits allow you to establish an efficient nursery anywhere.  

To plant one trillion trees, we need two trillion seeds.

Weʻve built a modular, solar-powered seed bank and we can ship it to you anywhere in the world.

How Terraformation works

We support your project from seed to forest.

1. Assessment

We help you with site assessment, business planning, and getting the right tech to set your team up for success.

Assess phase of process
2. Seed strategy

We aid you with seed collection, banking, and nursery management, preparing for planting and scaling so you can grow big.

Seed strategy photo
3. Plant & monitor

We provide tools from solar desalination to geolocation apps. Our tech helps your forest thrive.

Plant and Monitor hero image
4. Sustain

We help you implement long-term management plans, like agroforestry and carbon credits verification.

Sustain part of process
5. Scale

We share actionable insights to learn, solve, and expand, breaking down barriers to growth.

Forest - scale part of process

Want to learn more?

Let's talk! Our partnership development team can help you design a native forest restoration project for your site and region.

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Unlock possibility

The cost of solar energy has declined dramatically over the last four years, and that's unlocked restoration opportunities in some of the world's driest climates. We've built the world's largest 100% solar-powered, off-grid desalination plant. We're using the freshwater to restore rare dry tropical forest in the most arid region of Hawaiʻi Island. If you can grow a forest here, you can grow it anywhere.

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