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We help reforestation projects overcome bottlenecks so they can grow carbon-thirsty forests faster and more efficiently. Our Terraware software enables partners around the world to remotely monitor all aspects of restoration — from the seed bank to the nursery and the planting site. 

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Supporting Restoration Teams from Seed to Forest
We’ve developed the first-ever specialized software to support the entire reforestation process. We’re continuing to expand and refine our Terraware web app, including adding features that allow you to remotely monitor conditions in your seed bank, manage inventory, and integrate with botanical databases for more robust data. 

We want to see biodiverse native forests in as many places as possible. That’s one reason we made Terraware open source.
Check out our code here.

Stay tuned for expanded features. 

Track Your Seeds — Now Available
By tracking every seed through deposit, processing, and storage, Terraware’s simple interface enables highly accurate record keeping. Detailed data helps you bank the right amount of each seed for your collection — improving seed viability and ensuring the optimal mix of species for your restoration sites. 

You can:

  • Review and manage your seed inventory
  • Track the progress of seeds throughout the entire banking process — from the moment they’re dropped off, through drying, packaging, storing, and eventual removal for planting
  • Export data showing the work your team has accomplished
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Mobile Field App — Now Available on iOS and Android

The Terraware mobile app allows anyone to collect data in the field using a simple interface — no need for an internet connection.

Seed collectors can use their mobile devices to keep track of the number and types of seeds they gather, even while offline.

The app allows teams to:

  • Easily take photos, capture GPS points, and record field notes
  • Upload field data to the Terraware seed bank database, automating the transfer of specimen records
  • View and edit collections before uploading them

Better data allows restoration teams to quickly adapt and ensure that they’re storing the right kinds of seeds at the right time — which is key to quickly growing the biodiverse forests our climate crisis demands.

Download the app for iOS and Android.

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