Why Terraformation Is Crowdfunding on Republic

July 21, 2021
Yishan Wong

Update: The campaign is now live! Learn more about why we're crowdfunding on Republic below, and start investing in Terraformation today.

This summer, we'll be launching a crowdfunding campaign. Starting today, you can reserve an investment in Terraformation.

Why are we doing this?

Well, to be frank, I believe everyone, not just the wealthy, should be able to invest in startups such as ours.

Terraformation is a company for everyone. We want to solve climate change by restoring forests around the globe to activate massive carbon capture. We’ll build a lot of different things and work with a lot of different people to make this happen, but we are ultimately doing this for everyone in the world.

Solving climate change is a hugely valuable thing to do. It might even be the most valuable thing. If we succeed, the company may be worth a lot. And if that happens, I want everyone who backed us early on to share in a piece of that.

We’ve already been backed by a very large number of angel investors — over a hundred at last count. They put their money on the line because they felt we had a solution worth betting on.

Until recently, securities laws prevented most people from doing the same thing — investing in private companies. But in March of 2021, changes to Regulation CF made it possible for private companies to raise up to $5M from all types of investors, including non-accredited investors. So we decided to make a portion of the offering we had reserved for Series A investors available in a Crowd SAFE offering through Republic. This offering is at the same valuation terms as the Series A, and is for anyone who wants to put money in, with a minimum investment of $50.

I’ll be honest with you: Terraformation is a risky investment.  Our plan is bold, and the problem is enormous.

But we don’t have a choice. We have to try.

We have to try for our families, for our children, for everyone in the future who will look at us and ask, “What did you do to solve the great problems of your age?”

If it all goes bad, you might lose your money. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll lose my money right alongside you (I put a bunch of my own money into this). So, don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose.

But if this plan works, we’ll have solved a major problem for the world, and that’s worth a hell of a lot. And I wanted everyone who’s been cheering us on and sending us messages of support (thank you so, so much) from the beginning to have a chance to benefit financially, too. If you want to be a part of this plan, take that next step on Republic with us, and invest now.

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Yishan Wong
Engineer and climate activist. Specializes in rapid growth tech impact. Ex-engineer at PayPal, Facebook. Ex-CEO of Reddit.
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