Terraware's New Plant Monitoring Feature: Tracking the Journey of Your Forestry Project

November 27, 2023
Alex Edwards
Software Engineering Manager

Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of our advanced field plant monitoring solution in Terraware. 

Designed specifically for forestry projects within our Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator, this feature empowers teams to effortlessly track the health and growth progress of planting sites. By seamlessly integrating with our existing seed banking and nursery functionality, Terraware provides comprehensive plant monitoring throughout the entire seed-to-carbon journey.

Tracking plant progress and ensuring success

Terraware offers two key ways to monitor the progress of field plantings:

1. Planting in the field:

  • Effortlessly track the locations where plants are being planted as they leave the nursery.
  • Gain insights into crucial information such as planting density, species mix, and tree ages.

2. Long-term health monitoring:

  • Monitor the maturity of trees through industry-standard sampling methodologies.
  • Obtain survival rates, planting density by species, and analyze different strata within the site.
  • Access valuable data to enhance forest management and simplify reporting to investors or donors.

This feature is the culmination of over a year of dedicated research, design, development, and extensive field testing by our experienced team. Built upon the Common Stand Examination protocol established by the United States Forestry Service, our sampling methodology utilizes well-established statistical and forestry science practices. We rigorously tested this feature on our own planting site on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi.

Empowerment through data: Unleashing the true potential of forest carbon projects

The data collected through Terraware's plant monitoring enables project managers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their planting sites. By tracking planting progress, density, mortality rates, and raw plant counts, teams can make informed decisions, instilling greater confidence in the success of each investment. This data also serves as the foundation for carbon credit certification through programs like Verra's VCS.

A nature tech software solution

In every aspect of a forestry project, from seed collection to managing nursery inventory, and from field planting to monitoring the progress of mature sites, Terraware provides the necessary functionality for teams and funders to support project goals. By seamlessly integrating with existing Terraware functionality, our new plant monitoring feature enables comprehensive tracking of the journey from seed to fully grown tree. And with access to accurate planting data, project managers can make informed decisions and anticipate higher investor confidence. 

You can sign up for Terraware — and to learn more about our Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator or apply for the latest cohort, visit our Accelerator page or reach out to our team. We’d love to share more about Terraware — and how our suite of nature tech solutions is improving transparency and scalability for native reforestation projects worldwide. 

Alex Edwards
Software Engineering Manager
Engineer and nature enthusiast. Focusing on strategic application of technology to improve forest outcomes.
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