Our Series A Funding Round — What It Means for Terraformation and Our Mission

June 8, 2021
Photo by Patrick Kelley
Yishan Wong

We want to solve climate change. 

Forests are the most effective and immediately scalable carbon capture systems on Earth. Restoring diverse native forest ecosystems at large scale across the globe will yield massive carbon drawdown, reverse climate change, and yield innumerable other benefits like biodiversity and ecosystem renewal.

Today we are announcing the first closing of our $30 million funding round. The round was led by Max and Sam Altman at Apollo Projects, and included several institutional investors and nearly 100 angels, such as Sundeep Ahuja, Lachy Groom, Sahil Lavingia, Joe Lonsdale, Susan Wu, and OVN Cap. 

We’re grateful to these investors for backing our work and believing in our vision.

What this means for Terraformation

Our goal is to accelerate forest restoration projects at an exponential rate, to reach the enormous scale of change needed by 2030. 

This is incredibly ambitious, but we believe that mass forest restoration is still the most practical and immediately scalable way for the entire world to reach net zero before it is too late.

Humans have learned how to organize and accomplish huge projects together.  At no prior time in history have we been more capable of doing great things.  

Now we must use all that we’ve learned to scale ecosystem restoration and forest projects around the globe while holding to the highest standards of sustainability. 

Terraformation combines decades of native forest restoration experience with the best talent in scaling hypergrowth organizations and businesses.

We’ll use this investment to launch new restoration projects around the globe, connect with and assist more partners, help educate new forest creators, support R&D, and expand hiring. 

In the next few months, we’ll be launching a reforestation platform. The platform will facilitate real-time forest site mapping, seed collection and banking workflows, and support users with forest health upkeep. We’re already testing the platform with internal partners and will be seeking beta testers this summer. 

You can join us

We are not doing this alone. Restoration at the scale and speed needed for the climate will happen only because of a movement of global champions. The movement is already growing and we are honored to add our voice to it.

This summer, we’ll be opening new opportunities for everyone to join and support Terraformation. The best way to hear about these developments is to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

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Yishan Wong
Self-funded R&D to demonstrate off-grid, solar powered desalination makes dry forests possible on previously-unusable land with little natural rainfall. Ex-engineer at PayPal, Facebook. Ex-CEO Reddit.
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