Zambia Partnerships Liaison Brighton Kaoma on BBC

December 29, 2020

This month, Brighton Kaoma, Terraformation’s Zambia partnerships liaison, spoke with UN Secretary-General António Guterres on a BBC radio special, The State of the Planet.

As a partnerships liaison, Kaoma identifies opportunities for Terraformation to join communities throughout Zambia in native ecosystem restoration.

At 14, Kaoma hosted a radio show in his hometown, Kitwe, Zambia. His program, Environmental Watch, became a forum for public dialogue about the climate crisis and regional toxic pollution from mining operations. After witnessing the power of radio to inspire action, Kaoma went on to train other youth across Zambia and several other countries to produce their own shows.

Kaoma tells his story here.

On December 2, the BBC invited climate activists from around the world to speak with Secretary Guterres. Kaoma discussed the devastating impacts of frequent high wind cyclones in southern Africa, and asked about the UN’s commitment to climate justice for young people in low-income countries.

Secretary Guterres replied, “You are not the emitters, but you are suffering the worst impacts in storms, in floods, in droughts, and it is absolutely essential to mobilize the support of the international community.” He also affirmed the power of young people, who are “leading the way, not only at the global level fighting against climate change, but at the community level building solutions to address the problems that people face, helping communities to survive.”

We’re grateful for Kaoma’s work and proud to partner with this inspiring climate activist.

Listen to the full BBC interview, or skip ahead to Kaoma’s question at 15:30.

Cover photo courtesy of Brighton Kaoma

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