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"To plant 1 trillion trees, we’ll need 3 trillion seeds."
—Jill Wagner, Chief Forestry Officer

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Terraformation seed bank solutions

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About our Flagship Product
We’ve developed a modular seed laboratory to enable every forest restoration project. Designed and built inside a 12m (40’) shipping container is a complete equipment suite with:

  • Seed appliances, tools & consumables
    Essential machinery, gear, and supplies to clean, sort, and dry seeds. Everything you need for seed processing together in one place.
  • Integrated technology
    All the components necessary to remotely monitor and manage your seed bank and seed inventory. Includes temperature and humidity sensors, weather station, and internet connectivity kit for on-site data collection.

The Terraformation Seed Bank is fully off-grid, self-contained, and ready to go. Learn about options for your site and region.

Why a Seed Bank?
Without storage conditions that regulate temperature and humidity, many seeds lose viability within one year of collection.

The Terraformation seed bank contains everything restorationists need to dry, process, and store 8 to 10 million seeds, enough to restore 6,000 hectares (15,000 acres) of degraded land over 10 years.

Terraformation seed bank solutions
Terraformation seed bank solutions
Terraformation seed bank solutions

Additional Services
Already have a space with climate control, internet, and electricity? Terraformation can help you source specialized equipment locally, provide guidance on how to build your own seed bank, and more.

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