Solutions: Seed Bank

"To plant 1 trillion trees, we’ll need 2 trillion seeds."
—Jill Wagner, Head of Forestry

Why a seed bank?

Seed shortages pose one of the largest bottlenecks to ecosystem restoration success. Without temperature-regulated storage conditions, many seeds lose viability within one year of collection.

We’ve built a modular, off-grid seed laboratory, designed to meet the needs of small and medium restoration projects. It contains everything restorationists need to dry, process, and store up to 5 million seeds, enough to restore up to 2,000 hectares (5,000 ac) of degraded land every year. For larger restoration projects, capacity can be increased to store up to 50 million seeds, enough to restore up to 17,000 hectares (42,000 ac) of degraded land every year.

Forestry worker in a lab coat carefully weighs seeds before storing them in a seed bank facility made by Terraformation.

Important features

  • Store up to 5 million seeds (enough to restore 2,000 hectares (5,000 ac) of land per year)
  • Includes a complete tested and preassembled equipment suite for processing and storing seeds
  • Three refrigerators/freezers for temperature-controlled storage (you can also provide your own equipment)
  • Solar panels for off-grid, self-sustaining power
  • Packaged in 12 m (40’) shipping container

More photos

Refrigerators and drying racks

Processing station and equipment

Interactive 3d model

Interested in purchasing a seed bank or learning more?

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