Everyone can plant a tree. We help you grow a forest.

Restoration means a lot more than putting trees in the ground. It’s about bringing back complex native ecosystems, starting with the right species and scaling up with the right tools.

A holistic approach to restoration

Every partner is unique. And so is every project. Restoration is site-specific, community-led, and long-term.


Success starts with good planning, and for us that means understanding soil, native species, and local climate.

Equipment and Tech

Our modular restoration solutions solve the biggest challenges project managers face in the field.


We help train your team in seed collection and storage, horticulture, nursery management, and forestry.

Business strategy

Forests are places of abundance. We partner with you to find revenue opportunities that fit your site, including carbon credits and sustainable forest product harvest.

Tech solutions to solve restoration bottlenecks

We ship our suite of off-grid, modular hardware and software solutions to project sites around the globe, enabling projects to scale rapidly without compromising quality.

A very new and clean installation of a desalinization facility with enough capacity to produce all the fresh water needed for the Pacific Flight reforestation site on the Big Island of Hawaii. The facility is powered entirely by solar power and is the largest facility of this type in the world.
tall drying racks and a modern refrigerator stand at the ready in a seed bank built inside a durable steel shipping container. The seed bank facility is one of the first of its kind made by Terraformation and can be used to process and store tens of thousands of seeds a year
Restoration seed bank

Our solar-powered modular seed banks have all the equipment necessary to process and store millions of seeds for consistent viable seed supply.

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A Terraformation nursery specialist tends to new trees that are still very small and beed care before planting. The nursery is built from a do-it-yourself style kit that the company manufactures and can ship to any location around the world.
Nursery build kit

The all-in-one nursery kit includes everything forest creators need to grow strong seedlings, getting projects off to the right start.

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A large solar array with many rows of black solar panels sits outside under a bright blue sky.
Solar-powered desalination

We can help your team find solar-powered desalination systems to solve freshwater shortages and accelerate restoration in arid regions.

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Software produced by Terraformation can be used on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. The applications are designed specifically for seed collecting, seed banking, tree planting, and managing all of those flows in an easy-to-use fashion adapted to working reliably in the field.
Software suite

Our software suite streamlines data collection and progress from seed collection to forest health monitoring.

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