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Introducing the Seed to Forest Alliance

The Seed to Forest Alliance will enable rapid scaling of native forest restoration around the globe. Our first challenge is to solve one of the most critical, yet overlooked bottlenecks in reforestation today:
seed supply.
Without seeds, we will not reach 1 trillion trees.
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YIshan Wong
Founder and CEO of Terraformation
“The Seed to Forest Alliance provides support that on-the-ground forestry groups need to grow resilient forests, sustain their communities, and accelerate forest restoration around the world.”
Kevin O’Hara
Lead, US, American Forests
“Time and again we hear of the challenge to find the seeds needed to reach our ambitious national reforestation goals. US is proud to support the Seed to Forest Alliance in ramping up seed supply in the US & worldwide.”
Bill Toomey
Chief Operating Officer, One Tree Planted
“We are grateful to be a part of the Seed to Forest Alliance alongside such outstanding organizations.  The logistical bottlenecks of seed collection are a global problem, but partnerships like this make space for collaboration.”
Paul Smith
Secretary General, Botanical Gardent Conservation International
“Native seed supply, and the protocols and expertise to turn those seeds into plants are huge bottlenecks for successful reforestation and restoration all over the world. For this reason, BGCI is proud to be part of the Seed to Forest Alliance.”
A more sustainable world

Call to Action

We’re calling on companies, foundations, philanthropists, NGOs, and academic institutions to become founding members of the Seed to Forest Alliance in the common pursuit of a more sustainable world. Founding members will support the establishment of a global seed solutions network through thought leadership, awareness building, and financial support of organizations driving forest restoration on the ground.
Together, we seek to enable 1,000 new forest creators across the globe with seed supply solutions, and training in collection and seed banking, by 2025.
The Alliance provides a platform to disseminate thought leadership and scientific understanding as well as to generate exposure for the critical need to support restorationists worldwide.
The Alliance offers semi-annual networking and collaboration opportunities to share results, best practices, and expertise.
The research

Why seed
supply matters
to reforestation

Learn more about the Seed to Forest Alliance

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