Saving Africa's Nature

Gongo Forest, Tanzania

Our new partnership with Saving Africa’s Nature (SANA) will reforest 26 hectares in Tanzania’s Kikwati wildlife corridor, restoring a critical ecosystem for animals and humans alike. The movement of elephants, buffalo, and other animal species within this corridor supports the region’s entire ecosystem — but due to increased human activities, this ecosystem is now under threat. 

For more than a decade, the NGO has worked to restore the Gongo Forest region of East Tanzania, while creating sustainable livelihoods for the community. Terraformation is providing forestry tools and training to accelerate SANA’s restoration efforts, including seed bank and nursery designs.

SANA and Terraformation will train community members in seed banking and collection, nursery management, and agroforestry techniques. Seed propagation for this partnership has just begun, and the planting of more than 30 native species will kick off in the coming months.

The Gongo Forest

The Gongo Forest, which shelters the Kikwati Wildlife Corridor, is home to 99 species of plants.



Terraformation tools

Seed Bank








Hook thorn (Senegalia caffra)
Fever tree
(Vachellia xanthophloea)
(Aloe secundiflora)
Umbrella thorn
(Vachellia tortilis)

Deforestation in Tanzania

Increased human activity has weakened the region's ecosystem and led to large-scale deforestation.


Terraformation will support SANA in solving two of the biggest restoration bottlenecks: lack of seed supply, and lack of access to a nearby nursery.


More than 30 native species of plants are included in the first phase of the project.

Photo of the Gongo forest
Saving Africa’s Nature: Restoring Elephant Corridors and Ecological Balance in Tanzania

We partnered with Saving Africa's Nature to restore a critical ecosystem for animals and humans alike.

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