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‘O‘oma, Hawai‘i

Ridge to Reef Restoration Center (3RC)

Terraformation headquarters, located at Hawaiʻi Ocean Science & Technology Park (HOST Park), is a demonstration hub and center of knowledge on the west side of Hawaiʻi Island. This space is dedicated to scientific research, exploration, and stewardship of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, as well as a gathering place for community engagement and education. Arizona State University’s Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science (GDCS), a research unit of the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory, is co-located at 3RC, where Dr. Greg Asner is constructing a coral nursery to support marine restoration. Through this partnership, Terraformation Hawaiʻi will be able to take a ridge-to-reef, or ahupuaʻa, approach to restoration and climate change mitigation.


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