Rivne, Ukraine

Terraformation has partnered with ReClimate, a women-led NGO, to reforest 50 hectares of Ukraine’s Rivne region. This area was once a biodiverse woodland home to hundreds of species of plants, fungi, and birds. The moss-covered ground — aided by the forest’s humid climate — attracted animals such as deer, moose, goats, and wild boars. 

Unsustainable agriculture and amber mining throughout the second half of the 20th century depleted the region’s soils and natural biomes. Now, much of the land has been converted to pine plantations. Forest loss has continued into the 21st century, and in the last two decades, the region has lost nearly 20% of its natural forest cover.

ReClimate will reforest 50 hectares with 100,000 trees of diverse native species, including silver birch, English oak, quince, spruce, alder, and aspen. Planting will begin later this year. 

Planting by ReClimate in Ukraine

ReClimate aims to create a replicable model for sustainable forest management benefiting local communities.



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Silver birch (Bétula péndula)
English oak
(Quercus robur)
(Cydonia oblonga)
(Picea abies)
(Alnus glutinosa)
 (Populus tremula)

Close-up of a plant

The ReClimate team will plant 100,000 trees of diverse native species, including silver birch, English oak, quince, spruce, alder, and aspen.

Woman planting

Planting a mix of native species provides many ecosystem benefits, including restoring soil health, increasing resilience against bark and root disease, and helping to prevent or reduce the intensity of forest fires.

ReClimate founders

As single-species tree plantations have become common in the region for timber operations, much of the region’s natural biodiversity has come under threat.

ReClimate: Women-Led Reforestation in Ukraine’s Rivne Region

Terraformation partnered with ReClimate to restore 50 hectares of native forest in northwest Ukraine.

The founders of ReClimate in Ukraine
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