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Upper Pangani River Basin, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Project

We’ve partnered with the Kilimanjaro Project to restore biodiverse ecosystems throughout the Upper Pangani River Basin in Tanzania, a region hit hard by deforestation. Community members recently constructed a seed bank and two nurseries using Terraformation’s designs, boosting their production capacity to 100,000 seedlings per season. The first phase of the project covers approximately 50 hectares, with the potential for expansion up to 5,000 hectares. 

The two nurseries, which are located in the Weru Weru and Usa River basins, are entirely staffed by women.

The Kilimanjaro Project partners closely with community members to restore degraded land and create sustainable income sources.

This partnership will help support the Kilimanjaro Project’s goal of planting 10 million trees over the next seven years. Restoring Tanzania’s native forests will also help bring back rainfall and rivers, create sustainable livelihoods, and combat climate change.

200,000 annually

Sustainable Development Goals
Fund leading-edge forestry teams in their local communities
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