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Hawaiʻi, United States

Future Forests

Terraformation’s Future Forests location is a 20-hectare restoration site, seed bank, and nursery. In addition to restoring the dry native forest, Terraformation also uses the site for training and community education.  

Originally grazed by cattle, the site has since been taken over by an invasive species to Hawaiʻi: haole koa.

Over the years, it multiplied and created monotypic stands that have blocked out the native species.

But after clearing the dense haole koa stands, Terraformation’s team discovered remnant dry-forest species that still existed on the site, including mature wiliwili trees, ʻohe makai, lama, kukui, and alaheʻe shrubs. These species have provided the seeds necessary to continue restoring the land from the original mother plants.

Terraformation's team has planted 2,500 new trees in addition to the 1,000 trees already on site. In the coming months, Future Forests will be home to approximately 4,000 plants.


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