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Action for Nature works to restore forests in Zambia, where tree cover has declined by 8.6% since 2000. The organization focuses on cultivating equality for women, working closely with local Indigenous communities, and engaging youth. 

Terraformation is supporting the project with two nurseries, software, and training. The addition of a seed bank would allow the team to plant a wider range of species, enhance biodiversity, and scale up its restoration efforts. In the first phase of our partnership, Action for Nature aims to restore 500 hectares, including habitat for wildlife such as elephants.

Elephants in a field.

Zambia's wildlife are under increasing threat from deforestation.



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Mutondo (Julbernardia paniculata)
Mubombo (Brachystegia longifolia)
Muputu (Brachystegia spiciformis)

Nursery with cloudy sky.

Terraformation's nurseries will accelerate reforestation in Zambia's Lake Albert region.

People planting seedlings.

Community engagement is a key component of forest restoration in Zambia.

Decentralized Seed Banking Is the Next Innovation We Need to Solve Climate Change

Terraformation’s mission for 2022: establishing the first 1% of the world’s decentralized seed bank network.

Green visual featuring CEO Yishan Wong, Terraformation's seed banks, and a technician storing seeds.
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