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Restore the Planet’s Native Forests 

People-first forests built to last
Trees are only the beginning. Each restoration project we partner on delivers benefits to the climate and communities from Day One.

In two years, we've established 19 biodiverse forest carbon projects across 12 countries — and we're just getting started. Our partners create projects that deliver community benefits, gender equality, clean water, and long-term carbon sequestration — and our Hawaiʻi pilot sites engineer new ways to grow these forests at scale.


Change the future of forests and communities

Sustainable jobs

We invest in communities. Our projects stimulate economic growth, generating income for communities, providing jobs, and promoting equality.

sustainable jobs
women employed with equal and fair wages
Thriving ecosystems

Biodiversity sets the conditions for life on Earth and is a core Terraformation value. The richness of species is what makes ecosystems resilient.

pilot projects across 14 countries
trees and plants projected
seeds collected and stored
species planted
Measurable impact

As the only platform that tracks projects from seed to planting, our software, Terraware, reduces risk and increases project efficiency.

Across Organizations
forestry orgs using Terraware
Across the Globe
countries using Terraware
Fund new forestry teams
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Biodiverse forests are better for people & the planet

Biodiverse native forests can capture more carbon than monoculture tree plantations. They also deliver many other benefits — from clean water to sustainable jobs. These are the forests we grow.

Many nature-based carbon credits rely on monoculture tree plantations that can harm water quality, habitat, and human communities.

Terraformation's carbon scientists, foresters, and community engagement teams handpick each project based on sequestration potential, biodiversity, and community impact. We work with teams that support local people and leave land and water sources better off. 

We direct the majority of carbon revenue back to forest creators on the ground, so ecosystems will thrive for generations to come.

Maria José “Chochi” Iturralde
Founder and CEO
Humans for Abundance, Ecuador

“Terraformation is amazing at building capacity in complex restoration endeavors. We get the infrastructure and economic resources to sustain long-term transformation, and also such high-quality training and constant guidance that the project has no other alternative but to succeed.”

Olesya Solomina
treetrio, Ukraine

“Thanks to the work with Terraformation, we’ve realized the first in-country biodiverse forest. Terraformation’s commitment and contribution have become crucial in creating jobs and supporting livelihoods of the community in these unprecedented times.”

Beau Milliken
Kijani Forestry, Uganda

“Terraformation's technical guidance and capabilities have been instrumental in establishing a sustainable and dependable seed source for our growing business. Their guidance in hardware along with their software and training materials have helped us grow our seed capacity in both numbers and species.”

Chilekwa Kangwa
Action for Nature, Zambia

"Terraformation has built the capacity of our team and has enabled the training of over 100 community members prioritizing youths and women. Terraformation's support, including their training in seed collection and nursery management, will ultimately enable vulnerable populations who suffer severe climate change effects.”

Fund leading-edge forestry teams
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