Meet Uʻi Calipano — Nursery Assistant

May 2, 2024
Terraformation Hawaiʻi
  • Joined Terraformation in 2021
  • From Hōnaunau, currently residing in Waimea

Uʻi Calipano

What drew you to work in climate change solutions and restoration work? 

I'm deeply inspired by the intersection of restoration efforts and climate change mitigation through the use of our native plants. Once I heard about Terraformation and what they do, I fell in love. I have an incredible opportunity to grow native seeds and plant them and watch them grow until they are ready to be planted back into the ʻāina."

What do you love most about your work?

What I love most about my work as a nursery assistant is having the opportunity to watch and witness the power of plants every day. Whether it's seeing a seed sprout into a sapling or observing a forest come to life, the ability to connect with nature on this level and be a part of what Terraformation does for the beauty and health for the environment brings me the best joy and happiness ever!

I also hold a strong passion for Terraformation’s Restoration team and the work that they do. Their hard work is not only inspiring but also essential in ensuring the success of our restoration projects and the preservation of our natural heritage."

What expertise and magic do you bring to the Terraformation Hawaiʻi team? 

As a nursery assistant, I bring my expertise in plant propagation, cultivation, and care. My magic comes from hands and when I work —I put my love into it.

I love working with plants — especially Hawaiian native plants. I firmly believe in the notion that native reforestation is not just about planting trees. It’s about restoring our ecosystem and preserving biodiversity and mitigating climate change for the future for our keiki (children), and our keiki’s keiki."

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