Meet Michael Sthreshley — Restoration Manager

April 17, 2024
Terraformation Hawaiʻi

Michael Sthreshley - Restoration Manager

  • Joined Terraformation in 2021
  • Resides in Kona, Hawaiʻi
Michael Sthreshley, restoration manager, looks up and smiles at the camera while working in a forest

What part of Terraformation Hawai‘i are you most passionate about and why?

"I'm most passionate about my involvement in research and development or “exploratory experimentation” as we say.

There are so many unknowns in this area of work; so many questions left unanswered.

Having the ability to challenge our ideas in a systematic way and produce actionable knowledge has been a great part of the job and I'm grateful that Terraformation supports this sort of endeavor."

What project are you most excited about right now and why?

"I'm particularly excited about our team’s small trials in restoring the dryland ecosystem on our Leeward Kohala site.

It's one of the most challenging and unexplored restoration scenarios with increasing importance for its role in mitigating fire, erosion and all associated consequences related to adjacent ocean health."

What do you love most about your work?

I'm obsessed with plant diversity. Working with single crops can lock you into monotony, whereas this work embraces the variance and possibilities that evolution has created.

My nerdy perspectives on plant propagation and ecology are what I bring to the table and I am very glad that I now have the knowledge base and skills to help my team navigate challenges in the nursery and field.

My Jack-of-all-Ag has finally found its place.

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