Meet Kimberly De Souza — Restoration Forestry Manager

April 4, 2024
Terraformation Hawaiʻi
  • Joined Terraformation in 2021
  • From Singapore, resides in Kailua Kona, Hawai'i island
Kimberly De Souza, Terraformation restoration forestry manager, looks up and smiles while kneeling in a bed of ferns

What part of Terraformation Hawai‘i are you most passionate about and why?

“I am most passionate about Terraformation’s holistic process of restoring degraded lands - from native seed to forest.

In Hawai‘i, this is especially important since we have so many invasive plants and animals constantly being brought in.

Without our help and legislation to prevent this, our unique, native forests and ecosystems could be overwhelmed by the heavy invasive pressures they face every day and disappear before our eyes.

As of now, studies show that Hawaii’s keystone species, the ʻōhiʻa, are not germinating below 2,000 ft elevation due to invasive species pressures, even though they used to exist from near sea level to 7,200 ft.

Extinction is forever and I want to do whatever I can to help prevent it for future generations.”

What magic do you bring to the Terraformation Hawai‘i team?

“I believe my enthusiasm for our mission and willingness to learn is the magic I bring to the Terraformation Hawai‘i team.

Satisfying my passion for restoring our native forests coupled with the incredible people I get to work with is what I love most.

It is evident that we are allies, fighting for the good of our earth, and that the more learnings we share with each other, the more successful we will all be in our mission.”

What is one message about native reforestation or climate change solutions that you can share?

“This quote came to mind:

‘We must choose instead to make the 21st century a time of renewal. By seizing the opportunity that is bound up in this crisis, we can unleash the creativity, innovation, and inspiration that are just as much a part of our human birthright as our vulnerability to greed and pettiness. The choice is ours. The responsibility is ours. The future is ours.’ - Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth

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