Meet Derrick Kiyabu — Senior Manager, Agroforestry

May 23, 2024
Terraformation Hawaiʻi
  • Joined Terraformation in 2022
  • From Oʻahu, currently residing in Onomea, Hilo Palikū

Derrick Kiyabu | Senior Manager, Agroforestry

What part of Terraformation are you most passionate about and why? 

"I'm passionate about two things:

(1) agroforestry and orchard cropping systems

(2) Terraformation's social and ecological impact in Hawaiʻi.

The climate and soils on the east side of Hawaiʻi Island are well suited for tropical fruit production and produce a significant amount of tropical fruits grown in the state. 

Agroforests and orchards also have great potential to produce food, sequester carbon, and create jobs in our rural community, which is why I believe Terraformation is well positioned to catalyze and scale native forest and ecosystem restoration in Hawaiʻi."

What challenges have you faced in your career, and how did you overcome them?

"I've faced many challenges and continue to face challenges. Many are similar to the plight of farmers today.

My most significant challenge was experiencing failure in something important to my life, but the lesson came in moving on in a direction that was more aligned with who I was and one that better suited my strengths.

All that to say, I'm at a place where I'm happier here and I'm doing something I get satisfaction from every day.

I know that I pushed myself and tried my hardest, which I’m proud of myself for."

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