Meet Becky Hart — Nursery Manager and Seed Steward

February 25, 2024
Terraformation Hawaiʻi

Becky Hart - Nursery Manager and Seed Steward

  • Joined Terraformation in October 2021
  • From Connecticut, resides in Captain Cook, Hawai‘i

What magic do you bring to the Terraformation Hawai‘i team?

"I bring the magic of true love for plants and the planet. I believe with my whole heart that we will succeed as a company, an island, and planet at saving our ecosystems.

I am most passionate about going out into the ‘aina, collecting seeds to propagate, and putting native plants back into the ‘aina.

Planting more native species out into the world is such a fulfilling feeling and I truly believe it is doing good for all. We all get to work towards truly helping the plants, the soil, animals and people that live here too.

Even though we’re new and growing, working at Terraformation is still the best job I could have ever hoped for."

What is a message about native reforestation and climate change solutions you have for others?

"Anything is possible to achieve even if it takes a long time.

As a global society, we have the technology to make a huge difference for years; however, those who profit from the "old ways" in industries like fossil fuel have snuffed out those with brilliant ideas who have been trying to make a big difference.

So let’s keep it up, never stop fighting, and do your part every day."

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