Behind the Forest

We’re a unique mix of foresters, scientists, technology experts, and creative communicators. We’re brought together by a shared commitment to help solve climate change and leave behind a living planet for the next generation.


Yishan Wong
Founder & CEO
Engineer and climate activist. Specializes in rapid growth tech impact. Ex-engineer at PayPal, Facebook. Ex-CEO of Reddit.
Berry Kennedy
Chief Operating Officer & VP of Operations
Turns insight into action. Delivering great experiences and results for forest creators and partners. Ex-Built, Uber,
Damien Kuhn
Chief Forestry Officer & VP of Forestry
Working for a better world for both nature and human beings. Former UN forest/climate expert and COO of Kinomé.
Jonathan Kim
Chief Sustainability Officer & VP of Climate Impact
Helps people achieve their climate goals. Tech entrepreneur, storyteller, and Hawaiʻi kamaʻāina.
Huey Lin
Special Projects Advisor
Executive liaison and ad hoc Swiss army knife, always ensuring we can tackle our toughest problems. Ex-PayPal, Affirm, and Flexport.
Ethan Cary
Chief Product Officer & VP of Engineering
Leads construction and deployment of on-site forest tech. Ex-engineer at Matterport, PayPal, and eBay.
Yee Lee
Chief Growth Officer & VP of Capital Markets
Engineer and product designer. Ex-Facebook, Google, TaskRabbit, Skype, and PayPal.
Aubrey Vella
VP of People
Focused on attracting, growing, and retaining amazing talent. Building a great working environment so employees can do their best.
Ricky Fong
General Counsel
Manages legal risks as we build and scale. Aligns legal and business strategic objectives. Ex-fintech lawyer, startup builder, and investor.


Shobha Maharaj
Science Director
Translates nuanced scientific knowledge and evaluates climate impacts on forest biodiversity worldwide to develop applicable solutions.
Victoria Meyer
Head of Carbon Science
Forest biomass expert, combining field data and remote sensing. Environmental science PhD. Former NASA Jet Propulsion Lab researcher.
Xavier Hatchondo
Head of Carbon Strategy
Develops and delivers top-quality carbon projects in a dynamic environment. Former Director of Science & Policy at WeForest.
Johannes Seidel
Head of Forestry
Plants resilient and beautiful forests that cool the planet and feed its communities.
Jeff Wright
Senior Forester
Leads development of financially successful, sustainably managed planted forests. DPhil in tropical forestry. Has worked in 50+ countries.
Marian Chau
Head of Restoration Ecology
Seed, ecology, and biodiversity scientist. Founder of IUCN Seed Conservation Specialist Group. Botany PhD. He haumana mau loa o ka ʻāina.
Diana Castillo Díaz
Restoration Ecology Specialist
Recipient of the Ashton Award, Arnold Arboretum at Harvard; Ed. Asst., Journal of Sustainable Forestry. Ecology PhD.
Alice Di Sacco
Restoration Ecology Specialist
Supports projects in applying best ecological restoration practices. Former seed conservation specialist at Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank.
Jason Preble
Senior Forestry Partnerships Lead
Links forest creators to Terraformation support. Conservation biologist focused on forests and endangered species. Informatics PhD.
Gianna Gandossi
GIS Specialist
Optimizes spatial intelligence for Terraformation and our partners. Former GIS analyst and research scientist, James Hutton Institute.
Brian Tucker
GIS Specialist
Conservation GIS expert with 20 years of mapping and spatial analysis for university research and management projects in Hawaiʻi.
Adam Finck
Head of Partner Operations
Strategy, impact, and experience for global partners. Expert communicator and program innovator driving results in volatile environments.
Emily Grave
Senior Manager, Forestry Partnerships Sourcing
Identifies key reforestation stakeholders in priority regions. Former nonprofit plant conservationist.
Meagan Suri
Senior Social Impact Lead
Supports partners to co-create participatory projects with positive community impact.
Yann-Olivier de Jouvancourt
Carbon Certification Manager
Leads certification of top-quality carbon and co-benefits projects. Former South Pole and Bureau Veritas Certification Project Manager.
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