Planting the Seeds of Global Reforestation Begins Here.


Expert Support for Hawaiʻi Land Stewards

We provide services to land stewards and sponsors who are dedicated to native ecosystem restoration and agroforestry.

Restoration Planning
  • We plan and execute native ecosystem restoration projects
  • Planning begins with assessing local soil conditions, invasive species, and other site-specific ecological factors
Seed Collection and Banking
  • We collect, process, and store native Hawaiian seeds from diverse ecosystems across Hawaiʻi Island
  • Our seed banks currently hold over 2 million native seeds, ready to support native ecosystem restoration activities
Restoration Monitoring
  • We monitor restoration sites for long-term site growth and resilience
  • We track and report on plant mortality rates and indicators of ecosystem health
  • We grow and manage agroforestry operations, including macadamia nut plantations
  • These sites not only produce sustainable revenue streams, but also support biodiversity and ecological restoration
Community Engagement
  • We engage with local communities to ensure all restoration projects are done in full consultation with those impacted
Business Development
  • We develop sustainable revenue streams for restoration sites, including through agroforestry and other sustainable use of other forest products
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