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Bringing together communities, forests, and financing for a more sustainable future.
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Lock in access to premium nature-based carbon credits.

Demand for nature-based carbon credits is outpacing supply.

To meet climate goals, we need to launch thousands more forest carbon projects across the globe — soon. But forestry teams don’t have the financing to get started. It’s time we unblock this bottleneck. 
The Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator offers carbon buyers, financial institutions, and companies an opportunity to finance new forestry teams in exchange for access to the premium carbon credits generated from their projects.
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Benefits of the Seed to Carbon Forest Accelerator

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Build supply and access to native, biodiverse forest carbon credits
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Bring real change to local communities by supporting sustainable business models
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Invest in 100% additional nature-based carbon capture
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See transparent impact powered by Terraformation’s robust seed, nursery, and plant tracking software

From early-stage teams to sustainable forest carbon projects

We base our approach on globally accepted scientific principles for maximizing long-term carbon sequestration. We believe climate change, biodiversity, and quality of life are inextricably linked, and we work holistically to create high-quality forests that
  • Incorporate biodiverse, regenerative forestry practices using native species
  • Create healthy, planet-friendly livelihoods based on sustainable business models
  • Support UN Sustainable Development Goals
Finance New Forests
A hand planting a seedling.

Our Projects

With an infusion of financing, technical support, and training, our pilot projects around the world have already delivered astonishing results. In less than two years, they planted more than 453,000 trees and plants of 204 different species, creating more than 400 sustainable jobs in the process.

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