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Our tools are designed to help your project move faster by solving the biggest obstacles to large-scale forest restoration. Terraformation is creating a suite of applications that will enable partners to manage all aspects of the forest restoration process from anywhere in the world, from seed to nursery and through long-term growth.

To plant 1 trillion trees, we’ll need 2 trillion seeds. We’ve built software for seed collecting and banking to help get there as quickly as possible (no wifi required). 

Seed Collecting

Seed data entry screen
Seed Collector app seed entry screen
Seed collection bag ID screen
Seed drop off screen

Easily track your progress in the field on a mobile phone or other handheld device (no need for an internet connection). When you return to the seed lab to drop off seeds, the software uploads collection information to the seed bank database, automating an easy transfer of specimens and accompanying records.

You can:

  • Record seed collection data including species, site location, collection date, collectors and more
  • Take pictures of collected seeds, add geolocation points, and write notes
  • Expedite check-in by uploading field data to Seed Bank
  • Integrate collection data with other existing processes and software. Connect with the Seed Bank, export it to share, or use offline

Seed Banking

Seed Bank Summary screen
Seed Bank database screen
Seed Bank Processing and Drying screen
Seed Bank monitoring screen

As the only widely available, standardized seed banking application, this software picks up when collected seeds are dropped off at the seed bank. By automating the tracking of every seed throughout the banking and storage process, it enables highly accurate record keeping through a simple interface. These detailed records help you bank the right amount of each seed for your project, reducing seed viability loss and ensuring the best mix of species for your project.

You can:

  • Review and manage your collection and the data stored with it
  • Track progress of seeds throughout the complete banking process: from drop-off through drying, packaging, storing and eventual removal for planting
  • Monitor seed bank conditions and equipment from an administrative dashboard
  • Receive alerts about equipment failures, reminders about seed processing schedules, and more

Each software product has a collaborative team of forestry professionals and software engineers behind it. The teams work closely to field test each app and design intuitive user flows that won't slow technicians down. Together, these software tools support accuracy and speed at every step of the restoration lifecycle.

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